Bitcoin Mining Farm Setup in Malaysia

What are the cost and steps to set up a large-scale Bitcoin mining farm?

1. A good source of reliable and preferably cheap electricity which your farm will draw a lot.

2. A secure location with enough space and airflow to host your equipment. It will need to be watched and monitored as it will host valuable equipment.

3. Investment money to buy the mining equipment and secure lease for location, pay for guards and others such as for IT services in setting up and configuring the equipment. 

4. Miscellaneous stuff such as setting up your security strategy for your Bitcoin holdings. This is very important because any misses here may be catastrophic.

The cost will be dependent on how ambitious you are. It can be as little as RM20k-RM30k or even higher, up to thirty or even hundreds of thousands. It is possible to go even higher, but then we will be asking you 🙂